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© UFA Fiction

Fri. Feb. 3, 2017 3:00 PM
Castro Theatre, San Francisco
North American Premiere
112 mins. Germany (2016). DCP Projection. German w/ English subtitles.
Director: Laura Lackman
Starring: Claudia Eisinger, Katja Reimann, Barbara Schöne, Laura Tonke
Screenplay: Laura Lackman, based the novel "Mängelexemplar" by Sarah Kuttner
Cinematography: Sten Mende
Editor: Gergana Voigt
Producer: Jochen Laube
World Sales: Beta Cinema, Oberhaching

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Laura Tonke won Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role at the 2016 German Film Awards.

A tragicomedy about love, life and therapy in Berlin - like a Woody Allen in high spirits. Thirty-year-old Karo seems to lead a perfect hipster life: totally extroverted, funky clothes, freaky friends, and a job in one of the town’s most trendy media companies. But Karo’s inner life is far beyond the usual extroverted Berlin city hipster attitudes: Karo’s life seems to happen between the fatal extremes of impatience, deep sadness and emotional excess, only to be interrupted by devasting panic attacks. Completely out of control, she loses her job, her friends and her boyfriend. Despite seeking therapy, her overeagerness to become the all-perfect patient plunges her into an even deeper mess. More and more forced into severe depressions by the fear of being alone, Karo has to admit, that solving problems isn’t that easy, especially if her own twisted life represents the problem!