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© Tamtam Film GmbH
© Tamtam Film GmbH

Fri. Feb. 3, 2017 8:00 PM
Castro Theatre, San Francisco
International Premiere - Opening Night Film
In Person: Director/Screenwriter Max Zähle, Screenwriter Johanna Pfaff
96 mins. German (2016). DCP Projection. German w/ English subtitles.
Director: Max Zähle
Starring: Lucas Gregorowicz, Frederick Lau, Anna Bederke, Lars Rudolph, Heiko Pinkowski, Jan-Gregor Kremp
Screenplay: Max Zähle, Johanna Pfaff, Oliver Keidel
Cinematography: Carol Burandt von Kameke
Editor: Sebastian Thümler
Producers: Andrea Schütte & Dirk Decker
World Sales: Tamtam Film GmbH, Hamburg

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Fri. Feb. 3, 2017 9:45 p.m. Opening Night Party

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Following his Oscar®-nominated short film Raju, Max Zähle dedicates his feature film debut to a bizarre and largely unknown culture marked by long-standing tradition: scrap dealers. Scrappin’ sheds light on this sometimes weird but always loveable milieu and tells the story of a family that needs to overcome their differences in order to keep the family business going.

Mirko Talhammer (Lucas Gregorowicz) is beside himself when two strangers show up at his posh insurance office to remind him where he really comes from: a provincial scrapyard, where careers are not what counts and other things are more important: scrapping things, the family, and every once in a while, a good old fist fight. Mirko thought he had left all that behind, but his father messed things up big time before he died and left his son the run-down scrapyard – along with his brother Letscho (Frederick Lau, Victoria, The Wave). Letscho is still ticked off that Mirko deserted the clan. Soon the brothers realize that the Talhammers could only have a future if they can pull themselves together and fulfill their father’s last wish: to rob a train like real professionals. The coup itself is already a suicide mission, but then Kercher, the Talhammer’s biggest nemesis, gets wind of things…

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