Shorts 2020: Look Out

© Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf
© Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf

Feb. 7, 2020 at 4:30 PM
Castro Theatre, San Francisco

96 min. in total

A special program of pulsating, urgent and visionary short stories from today’s most promising new directors from Germany.


East Berlin, 1987. Nico and Kai gets acquainted while cruising and they roam the night together. In a park, at a party and on the road, they find out that they are similar, but yet they expect different things from life. A new life begins for both of them that night.

Northern California Premiere
24 min. Germany (2019)
German w/ English subtitles

Director: Jan-Peter Horstmann
Starring: Joscha Eißen, Knut Berger
Producers: Nadine Schulte, Mariella Frey
Screenwriter: Jan-Peter Horstmann
Director of Photography: Lasse Frobese
Editor: Pauline Zint
Production: Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF

Far Out had its World Premiere in competition at the 2019 Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis. It also screened at the Palm Springs ShortsFest and the Melbourne Queer Film Festival.

© Dreifilm


Traveling to a remote cabin in the alps, a shy teenage girl has to decide if to pursue her own path on earth or to follow her parents, members of a cosmic cult, through a fatal procedure into a higher existence on Jupiter.

Northern California Premiere
14 min. Germany (2019)
German w/ English subtitles

Director: Benjamin Pfohl
Starring: Greta Bohacek, Cosima Shaw, Kai Ivo Baulitz
Producers: Alexander Fritzemeyer, Martin Kosok
Screenwriter: Benjamin Pfohl
Director of Photography: Tim Kuhn
Editor: Valesca Peters
Production: Dreifilm, Maverick Film, Arte / Bayerischer Rundfunk, University of Television and Film Munich

Jupiter has been shown at nearly 50 festivals around the world. It was part of the BAFTA Student Award Shortlist, and has won several awards, including Best Student Short at Rome Independent Film Festival, Best Narrative Short at Short Offenburg, Best Cinematography at Yerevan Short Film Fest in Armenia, and Special Mention at the Oslo Indepdendent Film Festival in Norway.

© Wolfgang Aichholzer


For Charlotte (Senta Berger) it is like any other Sunday, until the doorbell rings and a stranger (Thomas Thieme) surprises her with an exceptional demand.

Northern California Premiere
11 min. Germany (2019)
German w/ English subtitles

Director: Felix Karolus
Starring: Senta Berger, Thomas Thieme, Marlene Morreis, Nara Knöpfle
Producers: Manu S. Scheidt. Felix Karolus
Screenwriters: Wolfgang Aichholzer, Felix Karolus
Director of Photography: Wolfgang Aichholzer
Editor: Gerald Slovak
Production: Felix Karolus Filmproduktion
Festival Agent: aug&ohr medien

Menuett has been shown at over 50 festivals around the world, including Palm Springs ShortsFest, the Hong Kong Film Art International Film Festival, and the Foyle Film Festival in the UK.

© Antje Johnigk


A female Arabic refugee in immigration authority: She is begging to catch up with her children. They got separated. The responsible official tells her that his hands are tied. As the situation escalates the official throws the woman out of his office. A bit later, we see him, visiting his old mother. With her, we are traveling in her past – we will see what happened with her, 40 years ago in West-Berlin… The same situation, the same dialogues, the same office… The film is dealing with the tragedy of separation between children and mothers beyond cultural differences.

Northern California Premiere
9 min. Germany (2019)
German w/ English subtitles

Directors: Lorenz Christian Köhler, Nanda Ben Chaabane
Starring: Nanda Ben Chaabane, Ole Eisfeld, Lorenz Christian Köhler
Producers: Lorenz Christian Köhler, Nanda Ben Chaabane
Screenwriter: Lorenz Christian Köhler
Director of Photography: Benjamin Raeder
Editor: Felix Rudek
Production: Drehbühne Berlin
Festival Agent: aug&ohr medien

Mütter won Best Short Impact/Awarness at the Hyperwave Film Awards in Sol Venue, California, and screened at the Courage Film Festival in Berlin and the Faludi Film Festival in Budapest.

© Kai Stänicke


A man tries to keep pace in front of the hand of a clock, turning ever faster, until he's overtaken by time itself. Pace is an animated short film that explores our modern relationship with time and today's constant feeling of not having enough of it.

Northern California Premiere
11 min. Germany (2019)
German w/ English subtitles

Director: Kai Stänicke
Starring: Maximilian Gehrlinger, Merle Collet
Producer: Kai Stänicke
Screenwriter: Kai Stänicke
Director of Photography: Benjamin Raeder
Editor: Susanne Ocklitz

Pace held its World Premiere at the Palm Springs ShortsFest.

© Lukas Tielke


1933, a Jewish family listens to the radio with fascination. Adolf Hitler makes his first speech as Reich Chancellor. The camera accompanies the downfall of this once harmonious family. 2019, three Stolpersteine are anchored in the ground. The anti-Semitism appears again unimpressed.

West Coast Premiere
13 min. Germany (2019)
German w/ English subtitles

Director: Reza Sam Mosadegh
Starring: Charlotte Krenz, Carola Marschhausen, Markus Knüfken, Nortbert Blüm
Producers: Mira Harnischmacher, Reza Sam Mosadegh
Screenwriter: Reza Sam Mosadegh
Director of Photography: Lukas Tielke
Editor: Lukas Tielke
Production: Rauschfilm GbR, Peoplegrapher GmbH
Festival Agent: aug&ohr medien

Reza Sam Mosadegh won Best Director at the Delhi Shorts International Film Festival in India.

© Sascha Richter


Rosemarie Wahler gives us an insight into the most difficult time of her life. Singing in the choir Viva Voce Stuttgart e. V. helped her to deal with it.

North American Premiere
Documentary Short Film

14 min. Germany (2019)
German w/ English subtitles

Director: Felix Golenko
Subject: Rosemarie Wahler
Producer: Felix Golenko
Screenwriter: Sascha Richter
Director of Photography: Sascha Richter
Editor: Tobias Wieduwilt
Production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH
Festival Agent: aug&ohr medien

This shorts program was curated by Berlin & Beyond Film Festival Director Sophoan Sorn.