Step into German - Soccer - Soccer in the Movies

© Flying Moon© Flying MoonQuite a few movies try to capture the world’s fascination with the sport of soccer. We hope we can whet your appetite for a closer look at soccer beyond the box score.

Des Königs Fußball jüngster Trabant
  Worksheet (664 KB)

Der ganz große Traum
  Worksheet 1 (307 KB)
  Worksheet 2 (4 MB)

Football under Cover
  Worksheet (669 KB)

Das Wunder von Bern
  Worksheet (336 KB)

  Worksheet (361 KB)

Deutschland. Ein Sommermärchen
  Worksheet (270 KB)

Die besten Frauen
  Worksheet (366 KB)

    Todo Alemán

    Todo Alemán
    Exchange and youth culture: USA, Canada, Mexico and Germany

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