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Our new film this month enchants the viewer with its lovely imagery: In beautifully poetic pictures the artist Hildegard Wohlgemuth’s recollections of a bombing attack on an orphanage in 1943 come to life: She is the only one out of 26 children who survived the incident. It is her “otherness” that saves her: Due to her dreamy nature she looks at things in the world differently from most children her age. As a result she becomes increasingly lonely. But in the end it is her independent way of thinking which guides her through life.

Through beautiful animation the film captures the feeling of not being a part of your surroundings. Within the context of World War II the movie connects personal and political memories: a moving, powerful and special film about the memories of an eye witness.

With the kind permission of OCEAN PICTURES film production. OCEAN PICTURES film production holds the worldwide rights to the movie.
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