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Deadline: 16 December 2016

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1. What is one of the main reasons why people become refugees? *
 a) They don´t feel like living in their home country anymore.
 b) War forces them to leave their homes and find a safe place to live.
 c) Because of climate change, their home country has become too hot to live in.
 d) They have a medical condition that can´t be treated in their home country.
2. How many people in the city of Hamburg come from an immigrant background? *
 a) 50.000
 b) 150.000
 c) 300.000
 d) 500.000
3. What are the key factors for an efficient integration mentioned in the video? *
 a) (German) language skills, social activities, and job perspectives.
 b) Curiosity, English skills, and a foreign passport.
 c) Well-paid jobs, food stamps, and health insurance.
 d) Shelter, a driver´s license, and new friends.
4. What does the principal of the Stadtteilschule Barmbek, Bernd Tißler, think about the students with an immigrant background? *
 a) They put a burden on society
 b) They are an asset to the system
 c) They don´t see themselves as part of society.
 d) They won´t stay in Germany for very long.
5. Who do teachers at the Stadtteilschule work with to make a positive impact on integration? *
 a) Foster families, retired teachers, and the church.
 b) Banks, big corporations, and news agencies.
 c) Social workers, cultural institutions, local companies, and sports teams.
 d) Town councils, correction facilities, and law enforcement.
6. Video production workshops boost students' creativity and input. However, according to teacher Benjamin Bergmann, the tech-savvy students still need a little help with...  *
 a) ...adding subtitles.
 b) ...choosing the right equipment.
 c) ...writing a script.
 d) ...editing the footage.
7. What is the goal of projects like the film-making workshop? *
 a) To overcome language barriers and add a meaningful activity to the daily school routine.
 b) To participate in film festivals.
 c) To use the students' scripts for television productions.
 d) To be able to apply for government grants.
8. Where does Mohamed work as an intern?  *
 a) At the world's largest nursery.
 b) At the world´s biggest rural cemetery.
 c) At one of the largest parks in Hannover.
 d) At a funeral home.
9. The Stadtteilschule organizes internships for other students as well. Which examples are mentioned in the video? *
 a) restaurant, supermarket, factory
 b)  TV broadcaster, post office, bank
 c) doctor’s office, car shop, bakery
 d) law firm, department store, museum
10. Complete this line of the song “Wir sind Wir”: “Land to land, without fear, ...” *
 a) “... no matter where we come from”
 b) “...we love each other very much”
 c) “... we trust one another”
 d) “...together we are stronger”
11. Guesstimation Question: Germany welcomed over 1 million refugees in 2015. Give your best estimate on how many of the asylum seekers were ages 0 to 25 years old. *
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