Award of Excellence

Award of Excellence

The Award of Excellence is an annual contest dating back to 1991. Every year a short video portrays some aspect of German life and students complete a quiz on the video.

A fantastic prize awaits our lucky winners: An all-expenses paid, three-week chaperoned trip to Germany including flight, a German language course, meals and accommodations.

Award of Excellence 2017: Future Cities: Transatlantic Exchange for Change

What happens when you bring high school students together from both sides of the Atlantic for one week to collaborate on generating ideas around welcoming and sustainable cities?

In the summer of 2017 this is exactly what took place. A group of Toronto high school students hosted a group of students from its sister-city, Frankfurt, to develop new ideas on what globalized cities of the future might look like. In their visionary urban planning, the students considered the needs of newcomers and refugees—as well as infrastructure such as housing and transportation—to find improved ways to make cities more welcoming and sustainable.

Through hands-on learning, these students thought innovatively and creatively about the future, whilst fostering transatlantic exchange and making new friends in the process.

Now the question is: what does YOUR city of the future look like?

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