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La Confianza – Stillstand

The road out of a provincial Bavarian backwater town to the largest festival stages in Germany is pretty long. Nevertheless, Pablo „Manifou“ Christlein, Michael „aRZi“ Arzberger, Dominik „DoMi“ Jakob and Tobias „ToBii“ Held took it upon themselves to try and chased their dream of a music career over time. It’s no wonder, actually, since the band - hailing from the village of Selb in northeastern Bavaria - have determination and assurance in their name: “Confianza” is spanish for “confidence.”

The four musicians came together in 2007 and from the beginning shared a passion for Hip Hop and Rock - different genres that they mix to give a sound that is reminiscent of the crossover bands of the 90s that they then expand on through Pop elements. La Confianza toured around the whole country, released their self-produced EP “Eingepfercht” (Pent-up) in 2007 and the album „Epochenjäger” (Epochs-hunter) in 2009 before they became aware of Martin Propp. The music manager and discoverer took the guys under his wing and in 2014 the band signed a recording contract with SPV.

“We never got tired of following our big musical idea,” said ToBii, La Confianza’s bassist. “We looked with a steady eye towards the future [...] played our fingers raw and sang our voices hoarse.” The long breath was worth it: At the beginning of 2015 the band released its album “Trotzdem!” (Nevertheless!) in the typical La Confianza sound, a mix of rap and tough guitar riffs, socially critical lyrics and sophisticated arrangements. Their single “Stillstand” (Standstill), that can also be heard on the album, begins with the words “They say, where there is a will there’s a way.” How appropriate for La Confianza, whose motto seems to be: With confidence towards success.


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