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Deine Freunde - Schokolade

If you mix hip hop, pop, electronic, nursery school songs and fun together in a bowl, then suddenly the music of “Your Friends” is ready to be served. From the time they formed their band in 2011, Markus Pauli, Florian Sump and Lukas Nimsheck have gone from an insider tip on Mommy-blogs to a steady presence in the German music scene. These days they play in the largest venues in the country and draw almost 50,000 visitors to their own summer festival: “Silly People in the Park.” In many kids’ rooms across Germany you can find at least one well-loved CD from among the band’s four released studio albums, which have climbed all the way up to #25 on the German charts.

“Our themes fly to use on a daily basis. We reflect on our childhood or crack ourselves up for so long with a dumb idea until a song happens to come out of it,” says Florian Sump, who originally founded the band for the kids in the daycare where he worked. DJ Markus Pauli added: “At our conconcerts we have a cross section of totally normal families in front of us - and they all want to be entertained. Therefore our music has really become pure family entertainment.” Their fifth work is called Helicopter and offers a tour of all the familiar sights to see that only “Your Friends” are uniquely able to observe: from parents calling out “ant shit” in the song “Cheese” to the worst of all jokes on the first of “April, April” through to the totally natural flight instinct covered in “When the Janitor is Coming.” To this, singer Lukas Nimscheck says:

“If you’d told us eight years ago that one day we would fill really big venues with hopping bunnies, we would’ve cried with joy and then done all that we could to make this prophesy come to life as son as possible.” And so in their fifth album they are also“Your Friends Again” - the name of another song on the album - pumping bass, feelings and mad beats into childrens’ rooms across the country. This time they released for the first time on their own label, which conveniently shares the name of kids’ favorite state of their homes: Sturmfreie Bude (having the whole house to yourself)!

With this clip of the month we want to introduce you to an older, but timeless song from this band, that features one of the advantages of paying a visit to Grandma: Chocolate!


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