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Bakkushan – Baby, du siehst gut aus

Photo © Nina Stiller

So, you think that people who studied music at university can’t rock? As if! Bakkushan, an indie band from Mannheim, prove it can be done. The four guys that make up the band met at Germany’s biggest university of Popular Music and Music Business, the “Popakademie Baden-Württemberg” – and are now rocking the country.

While studying at the “Popakademie”, songwriter Daniel Schmidt and his classmates Christian Kalle, Robert Kerner and Jan Siekmann founded the band Bakkushan in 2007. Their first EP “Springwut,” which they produced on their computers at home as well as their self-financed music video for the same-titled single, soon caught the public’s attention. After they played a show at one of Germany’s most prestigious festivals, the “Hurricane Festival”, Bakkushan were signed by EMI in 2008 and released their first single “Baby, Du siehst gut aus” in 2009. Their debut album “Bakkushan” followed in 2010 and the band has been touring all over Germany since then.

The word Bakkushan is Japanese for a woman who looks better from behind than from the front and the band’s music is as diverse and inventive as their name: they make loud music with heart and depth, music to sing along and dance to. Bakkushan tell stories of big cities and a dark sun. Of separation, grief and loss. However, they never pull you down but instead give off an energy that can guide you through your inner chaos and make you feel good.

From the lecture hall to the music venues of Germany – that’s how you can describe the career of Bakkushan. If they go on making such honest, distinct and free-spirited indie rock, they will soon be a household name far beyond the borders of Germany.


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