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Balloom – Weltmeister sein

Photo: Dirk Guldner

“If you can dream it, you can do it” – “Balloom” may have had this Walt Disney quote in mind when he wrote his song “Weltmeister sein.” And on the night of July 13, 2014, his prophecy came true: after 24 years, Germany became soccer World Champions again.

Sebastian Blum alias “Balloom” had the idea for the song more than a year ago. The soccer enthusiast was surfing the Internet for soccer videos when he decided to write the “next hit song” for the World Cup in Brazil. “All of a sudden, the line ‘Weltmeister sein’ was in my head. The melody followed all by itself on the piano”, the 26-year-old says. He was convinced that Germany would win the World Cup before most people were even thinking about the mega sports event. He wanted his anthem to motivate the team, inspire the masses and lead Germany to its fourth World Cup victory.

Born and raised in the small state of Saarland in the Southwest of Germany, Sebastian Blum has always been passionate about two things: music and soccer. He played on his village’s soccer team when he was a little boy and joined the local music society as a drummer at the age of nine. He sings, plays keyboard and guitar, and founded a number of bands as a youngster. In 2012, Sebastian decided to make music his profession when, after completing his studies in Political Sciences, he moved to Berlin to study music production.

For his song “Weltmeister sein”, Sebastian has created the fictional character Balloom to distinguish it from his solo project “Blum” and his band “Die Herren Nilsson.” In all the various incarnations, Sebastian’s German lyrics and music go straight to the heart and make you feel good. Watch the colorful animated video “Weltmeister sein”, celebrate with “Die Mannschaft” and see how a dream comes true right before your eyes.
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