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Cassandra Steen - Gebt alles

Photo: Alexander Gnädinger

“Gebt alles, wir halten es in unserer Hand, gebt alles, von Anfang an“ - “Give everything, we keep it in our hands, give everything, right from the start“. This line from Cassandra Steen‘s latest single “Gebt alles“ (”Give everything“) perfectly describes what the 32-year-old has been doing all her life: she has given it her all. After listening to music at her music-loving grandfather’s house and taking singing classes, Cassandra gained early fame with the German hip hop giants ”Freundeskreis” (“Circle of Friends”) at the age of 17 and as singer in the band “Glashaus“ (“Glass House“). Now an accomplished solo-artist, Cassandra has pursued her one true passion throughout her career: singing.

Born in southern Germany in 1980, Cassandra grew up without her parents. Her father left the family before she was born and her mother moved to the United States soon after her birth. Luckily, she still had her grandfather, an African-American GI, and her grandmother, who was working on a US-Army base near Stuttgart where the family also lived. At home, the family only spoke English and Cassandra today has both German and US-American citizenship. To this day, she is very close to her grandparents who introduced her to music and have always supported her in pursuing her dreams.

Cassandra Steen‘s career started early: during her school years, she got to know a producer who, in 1997, introduced her to “Freundeskreis“, one of Germany’s best-known hip hop groups. A first attempt as a solo artist failed, but the rapper and producer Moses Pelham recognized her talent and made her the voice of the band “Glashaus“. The trio’s three albums were a huge success and Pelham also produced Cassandra Steen‘s first solo record “Seele mit Herz“ (“Soul with Heart“). Since 2003, the German-American singer has collaborated with musicians such as Bushido and Xavier Naidoo and, for the German version of the Disney movie “The Princess and the Frog“, with the American R‘n‘B star Ne-Yo.

In 2009, Cassandra Steen released her second solo album “Darum leben wir“ (“That‘s why we live“), and her song ”Stadt“ (“City”) with Adel Tawil made it to #2 on the German single charts - her biggest hit so far. Looking at Cassandra Steen‘s career, her great talent and desire to “give everything“, it will surely not be her last one. Go get inspired by Cassandra Steen‘s spirit when listening to “Gebt alles“, the first single of her latest solo album “Mir so nah“(“So Close to Me“).
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