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Culcha Candela - Von allein

Photo: Katja Kuhl

With good vibes for lasting success: A decade ago seven young men in Berlin, all with very different backgrounds, decided to form the band Culcha Candela. The multiculturalism of the group, consisting of six vocalists and a DJ, created a new sound never before heard in Germany. They sing and rap in German, English, Spanish or Jamaican Patois. Their musical style is described as a mix of reggae, ragga, dancehall, hip hop and salsa. The substance of their lyrics is also quite diverse. The spectrum reaches from party songs like Hamma! to politically tinged songs like Una Cosa.

The young musicians don’t just want to play fun music, they also want to change the world song by song. “It’s better to carry a message with good spirits and danceable music than with a frown and pointed finger. We stand for cooperation, not conflict.” The band is politically engaged and, as an example, collaborated on the Fed up with Nazis DVD, initiated an aid project in Uganda and took part in the worldwide campaign against poverty, Stand Up & Take Action.

Culcha Candela, which means something like „hot culture,“ was founded ten years ago by Jonny Strange (Uganda), Itchy (Poland) and Lafotino (Colombia), who is no longer an active member. A little later Larsito (Colombia), Mr. Reedoo (Germany), Don Cali (Colombia) and DJ Chino (Korean) joined the group.

Their debut album Union Verdadera appeared in 2004 and immediately people took notice. Subsequent to the release of their second album Next Generation, which went directly to the Top 20, the seven musicians went on tour. Since their early years they have given countless concerts and made a name for themselves as a spectacular live show. They can now look back with pride at their more than 700 concerts and their 10-year-anniversary will definitely turn into quite a party as well.
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