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Deine Freunde - Einfach klein sein

Photo: Michael Schunk

Hip Hop meets Pop meets Electro meets preschool meets fun. This combination sounds pretty odd but perfectly characterizes the music of “Deine Freunde” (Your Friends) – a mixture of different genres that creates a super cool sound. Add to that lyrics that are all about everyday problems little kids and adults have to deal with – lyrics that are funny but never silly – and you know that you’re experiencing something very special.

With their debut „Ausm Häuschen“(“Totally excited“) Florian Sump, Markus Pauli and Lukas Nimscheck have produced an album where childhood dreams come true. The three youngsters met in 2010 in the studio run by Markus, a music producer and the live DJ of the successful German Hip Hop band Fettes Brot. Flo, a pre-school teacher who used to be the drummer in a pop band, wanted to record just one song for the day care center he was working at. However, the kids and their parents fell in love with the song “Schokolade” (“Chocolate”) and asked for more. So, Flo, Markus and theater production manager Lukas decided to produce a whole album just for kids.

The lyrics of Deine Freunde are inspired by the lives and problems of the children Flo works with in the pre-school. But they also hit a nerve with adults because Deine Freunde tell stories that everyone is familiar with. Their stories are absolutely ageless and everybody can identify with them. The band doesn’t want to teach kids the alphabet or show them how to brush their teeth. They have only one goal: make music that’s fun for kids and fun for the band.
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