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Die Firma - Glücksprinzip

Happiness, love, family – Die Firma (The Firm) deal with topics that your typical hip-hopper wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole. The title of their album “Goldene Zeiten” (Golden Times) reflects this upbeat attitude. And so it is only fitting that the band decided to shoot the clip for “Glücksprinzip” (Happiness Principle) in the relaxed and peaceful setting of Key West, Florida.

But there is also a different side to Die Firma. The band knows that life in the streets can be rough with drugs and violence all around, and Die Firma tackle these issues in albums like “Krieg und Frieden” (War and Peace). As band member MC Tatwaffe puts it: “Everybody has to struggle who wasn’t born rich.” But Die Firma don’t rub it in. They remain a voice of hope even when singing about pain and darkness.

The members of Die Firma are pioneers of the German hip hop scene going back to the late 80’s when they started performing in Köln. MCs Tatwaffe and Def Benski as well as DJ/beat producer Faber Gladiator founded the band in 1996 and released their first album “Spiel des Lebens/Spiel des Todes (Game of Life/Game of Death) in 1998. After starting their own label “LaCosaMia” Die Firma have released 7 albums. Their biggest hit “Die Eine 2005”(The One 2005) has sold more than 280,000 copies and made it to the top of the charts in Austria and Germany.

But still they have a hard time making it into the MTV rotation since they don’t fit the music industry’s standard hip hop gangsta image. Die Firma are not willing to follow any commercial trends. Instead they try to live by their motto “Who wants to go to the source, has to swim against the stream.” And their fans appreciate their honesty!
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