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Ernst Schultz - Meistersinger

Ernst Schultz is a founding member of the legendary Deutschrock band "Ihre Kinder". Laying the groundwork for many German language bands that followed in their footsteps, "Ihre Kinder" is considered a forerunner of the Neue Deutsche Welle. Starting out in the late 60s, they were the first to use the German language with a rock-based sound. They described their music as Jazzrock.

The Nuremberg based band split up in 1973 but resurfaced a couple of times due to strong demand from fans. Many members have continued to stay connected to the music business, some recording on their own.

Ernst Schultz has stayed busy producing and writing music. His most successful album "Dylan: deutsch", songs by Bob Dylan in German, came out in 2008. In 2009 Schultz released an album with texts from the Buddha, rapped by monks from the first Buddhist monastery in Germany.
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