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Faun - Diese kalte Nacht

Photo: Michael Wilfling

Faun is a band that combines the old with the new: medieval sounds with modern influences, ancient instruments like the Celtic harp, the hurdy-gurdy and lutes with electronic keyboards, drum computers and samples. The result is something that nobody has ever heard before– a style Faun calls ‚pagan folk“. This term is now widely used not only to describe Faun’s music but for a whole musical genre characterized by mixing elements of classical folk with electronic music in a medieval setting. The band from Munich made its recording debut in 2002 on the pagan folk label Curzweyhl.

The name Faun is derived from Greek-Roman mythology referring to the ancient deity Faunus. This figure, often depicted as a forest spirit, expresses the band’s connection with nature.

Faun has performed at more than 700 locations throughout the world, at rock and folk festivals, medieval and renaissance fairs, churches and other concert venues. The layered vocals are performed in a variety of languages, including German, Latin, Greek, and Scandinavian languages.

Faun’s members are frontman Oliver sa Tyr, Fiona Rüggeberg, Stephan Groth, Rüdiger Maul, Niel Mitra, and Sonja Drakulich, who hails from San Francisco, California. They have released eight CDs, two DVDs and sold more than 120,000 records. Faun’s album Totem (2007) was the first to break into the German Top 100 album chart. The latest album, Von den Elben, was released in 2013 and contains Diese kalte Nacht (This Cold Night). This song like so many of its predecessors creates an enchanting and powerful atmosphere. Take a listen and get transported into a different time and place!
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