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Fayzen - Bunter Sommer

Photo: Universal Music

In 2014, social media are everywhere. Most people use Facebook, Twitter, etc. on a daily basis and artists promote their music via those channels. It is less common, however, for an artist to ask his fans on the Internet to help him write a song, but Fayzen, a 30-year-old musician from Hamburg, did just that. He invited his followers in a video message to post up to four words that they associate with the song title “Bunter Sommer” (Colorful Summer). He used their input to create a true summer anthem written for and with the help of his fans.

In doing so, Fayzen not only embraced the digital age but also stayed true to one of his core principles: to make authentic and real music. He uses strong imagery, his lyrics are personal and straightforward and the music cannot be pigeonholed: “We never said this should be hip-hop, we just wanted to make music. That’s why I have no idea whether this is rap or whether I’m a singer/songwriter. The most important thing is that I feel it.”

Fayzen has always lived music, no matter what genre. Born and raised in Hamburg, Farsad Zoroofchis sang Persian traditional songs as a little child and started to play the piano and compose his first songs at the age of nine. When he was fourteen, he became interested in hip-hop and began freestyling. His alias dates back to this time when his friends gave him the MC-name Fayzen. At 18, he recorded his first CD and sold it on the streets of Hamburg – to great success: within five years, Fayzen sold over 20,000 copies of five different mixtapes.

After his friends sent a demo of his songs to a major label, he got a record deal and in the spring of 2013, Fayzen released his first official album “Meer” (Sea). The artist from Northern Germany with Iranian roots keeps working in unusual ways: “I mostly type my lyrics into my cellphone and I am always recording, making music and implementing ideas.” Because of his talent, creativity and authenticity, it’s obvious that his output will last for more than just one “Bunter Sommer.”


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