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Fertig, los! - Sie ist in mich verliebt

In 2004, four teens from Munich who had known each other since elementary school started making music together. They performed at school events, in small clubs and in very small clubs ... until an enthusiastic review in one of Munich’s alternative papers caught the eye of Marc Liebscher. Marc Liebscher is one of the top movers and shakers of Munich’s indie pop scene and longtime manager of “Sportfreunde Stiller” (whose World Cup anthem you’re probably still humming). Marc fell in love with the sound and signed the band to a contract.

Their first album “Das Herz ist ein Sammler” (The Heart Is a Collector) was released in 2007 – a collection of very danceable pop songs. The band sings about love, separation and friendship or as Philipp Leu, the band’s singer, puts it: “I write about things that have happened to me in the 24 years that I’ve been around. And that apparently was more than enough to write 12 songs.”

In 2010, Fertig, Los! now a trio after Raphael Dwinger left the band released “Pläne für die Zukunft” (Plans for the Future). The sound is a lot darker and more intense than on their debut album and resembles the work of such British heavyweights as Franz Ferdinand and Interpol.


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