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Frida Gold - Zeig mir wie du tanzt

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In Germany, a new era of pop music has dawned – and Frida Gold, a band that has the sparkle and glamour of pop in its name, is at the forefront. True to their motto “pop all the way”, the four musicians forming Frida Gold believe in the power of great melodies and choruses that get to the heart of the matter, in other words: intense four-minute-pop songs with a danceable beat.

Singer Alina Süggeler and guitarist Julian Cassel went to high school together and have played in various bands ever since. In 2005, they were joined by drummer Thomas ‘Tommi’ Holtgreve and formed the rock band Linarock. Two years later, they changed the guitar sound of the band to disco-indie-pop and their name to Frida which then became Frida Gold in 2008.

Alina studied the flute at university and attended a pop music program with her bandmate Julian. They met bassist Andreas ‘Andi’ Weizel at the Pop Academy Baden-Württemberg, the leading university of popular music and music business in Germany. Andi and Alina became a couple and soon started writing songs together.

Since Frida Gold signed a major record deal with Warner Music, they’ve been living a life in the fast lane: after their first single “Zeig mir wie du tanzt” (Show me how you dance) hit the German charts in November 2010, they went on their very own "Zeig mir wie du tanzt - club tour. Frida Gold’s second single “Wovon sollen wir träumen” (What shall we dream of) was released in April 2011 and became the official song of a German television broadcaster for the 2011 Women’s Soccer World Cup.

The debut album of the four musicians from the Ruhr area in the far west of Germany has the glitter of pop music in its name: “Juwel” (Jewel). The twelve tracks on the album reflect what the band and their name stand for: the simplicity of the name Frida and the value, warmth, uniqueness and purity of the noble metal gold. Their music truly is glamorous and Frida Gold lives up to their name!
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