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Jan Delay - Für immer und Dich

He has changed his name a number of times. He is known as Boba Ffett, Eizi Eiz, Spliff Richard or…Jan Delay, among many other aliases. He has changed his music style quite a few times. He started out as a hip-hopper, wrote a German reggae classic and is now heavily into funk. What has not changed over the years is his nasal, slightly monotonous voice which may take some getting used to but has become one of Jan Delay’s trademarks in the German music scene.

Jan Phillip Eißfeldt, Jan’s “real” name, grew up in a very artistic household. Even as a 5-year old he danced to the music of Bob Marley and the Ramones and when his mom came back from a trip to New York and told him about this exciting new music called rap Jan knew what to do. He bought his first drums, cool clothes and published the hip-hop fanzine called “Hype”, not a bad feat for a 13-year-old!

And then Jan’s career took off. With two friends he founded the group “Absolute Beginnerz”, which became known in and around Hamburg for their politically charged rap songs. In the year 2000 Jan produced the first reggae album with German lyrics, which made it into the German charts.

Now Jan, the chameleon, is at it again. His new motto “Reggae is dead, funk is in” resulted in the album “Mercedes-Dance” (2006) and three years later in “Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Soul”. Here the master of Deutschfunk presents a very unique mix of Soul, Funk and German pop while playing with the German language. This album was the 23rd best-selling album in Germany in 2009.
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