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Juli - Dieses Leben

Juli is one of Germany’s most popular bands – quite an achievement for a group that doesn't call Berlin, Cologne or any other of Germany’s music epicenters its home. The quintet hails from the small university town of Gießen, 40 miles north of Frankfurt.

They started out in the late 90's as "Sunnyglade" working with English lyrics. In 2001 Sunnyglade became Juli, and the band decided to go with German lyrics. "Because we know the German language better than English, we can express ourselves much easier in our native language", says singer Eva Briegel. "Because our lyrics are very important for us, I decided to sing in German. I don't want the emotions to be only musically evoked."

It was a risky step Juli was taking. Raised on U.S. and British '90s groups such as Nirvana and Oasis, Juli's friends were shocked when they started to sing in German. "My best friend said: 'That's so uncool!"' recalls Eva. Making the switch wasn't easy. "We couldn't just translate our English lyrics," says Jonas Pfetzing, Juli's lead guitarist. "We had to write new songs." After months of recording, Universal Music released the band's debut single "Perfekte Welle" in 2004. Due to heavy radio airplay and massive CD single sales "Perfekte Welle" entered the German Top Ten and eventually received its first Gold certification. Unfortunately, "Perfekte Welle" (German for “perfect wave”) came into controversy when it was banned from radio and TV stations after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. The band's critically acclaimed debut album “Es ist Juli” came out in 2004 and peaked at #2 in Germany, selling more than 700,000 copies in the course of a few months. In 2006, the band released their single "Dieses Leben" (This Life), the lead single from their second studio album "Ein neuer Tag" (A New Day).

Juli’s success proves that you can become a superstar with sophisticated music, intelligent lyrics, much passion and even greater talent! Or as Eva Briegel puts it: "We do exactly the kind of music that suits us. We never had to and never will bend ourselves – and we're still popular! After the success of our first single, we were sure to accomplish to be in the Top 30. But we never would have dreamed of a breakthrough as we had with 'Es ist Juli'."
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