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Luna Simao - Es geht bis zu den Wolken

Photo: Tristan Ladwein

On YouTube, you find a lot of videos of people covering their favorite songs. Some of them stay unnoticed forever, others are shared on different social media channels all over the world. Only a few attract the attention of record companies and take the artists to the big stage. Luna Simao is one of those few lucky ones and her story started with a cover of Amy Winehouse’s “Stronger than me.“

Truth is, the video of the 17-year-old did not get more than a few hundred clicks on YouTube, but music producer Dennis Schneider was one of the viewers and turned out to be the crucial one: he was very impressed by the girl with the guitar and the powerful voice and decided to contact her. After a few phone calls in which they discovered their mutual passion for soul music, Luna and Dennis Schneider met in person and immediately wrote their first song together.

Having grown up between the record collection of her German mother and the instruments of her Angolan father, Luna started playing the guitar and the piano at a young age and became the lead singer in her school’s Big Band. Her role model in music is the soul singer Lauryn Hill: “I admire her not only as a musician but also for her message. Be yourself, otherwise nothing will work out. Do not listen much to what others say about you.”

This mantra in mind, Luna is following her dream to make music. While being a full-time student, she is also working on her debut album with her producer in Berlin and has already released the single “Es geht bis zu den Wolken” (Heading up to the clouds), a true declaration of love to her hometown Lübeck in the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein.

Thinking about the future, she says “I want to make music. Gain experiences, get to know people, try out new things and cut my own path.” Luna’s “Es geht bis zu den Wolken” definitely sets the agenda for this plan.
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