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Luxuslärm - Leb deine Träume


“Are you going to the rehearsal room again to make NOISE?“ – „Yes, but we make nice noise, we make luxury noise.” This exchange between drummer Jan and his grandma inspired five musicians from Iserlohn, a town in North-Rhine Westphalia, to name their band Luxuslärm (luxury noise). And they really live up to this promise. Since their formation in 2006 the band has pleased their German audience with their de luxe and catchy pop-rock melodies, strong grooves and soulful lyrics.

Before they became Luxuslärm, Janine “Jini” Meyer (singer), Jan Zimmer (drums), David Rempel (keyboard), Eugen Urlacher (bass) and Henrik Oberbossel (guitar) played together in the cover band "Blue Cinnamon". At one of their concerts, they met their future producer Götz von Sydow who encouraged them to write their own songs and in the beginning of 2006, "Blue Cinnamon" made a fresh start as Luxuslärm. They changed from covers in English to self-written songs in German.

Along with the new name came success: their debut album 1000 km bis zum Meer (1000 km to the Sea) sold more than 30,000 times and So laut ich kann (As Loud as I Can), their second album, reached #13 in the German album charts – an incredible success for a band that has resisted the lure of a major record label and takes a lot of pride in being called an indie band.

When they don’t work on their own music career Luxuslärm invest a lot of time in their pet project: their very own school of rock and pop music in their hometown of Iserlohn. More than 430 students between the ages of five and 70 attend the school to learn how to play an instrument or play together in a band. Despite their success, Luxuslärm are not planning on giving up the school: “No matter what happens to Luxuslärm, we’ll keep the music school and continue teaching. If there comes a time when no one wants to listen to Luxuslärm anymore, we’ll have something to fall back on.”
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