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Madsen - Mein Herz bleibt hier

Photo: Universal Music

It doesn’t happen very often that three brothers from Germany’s hinterlands share the same passion and turn this passion into musical success. The Madsen brothers have! Sebastian, Johannes and Sascha hail from the Wendland region, an area in rural North Germany which is mostly known for its protests against a nearby nuclear waste dump. Now the brothers have put this part of Germany on the map for a very different reason.

As teens the siblings played punk rock with English lyrics in a couple of local bands. It was not until 2004 that the three found their musical identity - focussing on German lyrics and a characteristic guitar sound. They formed their own band which they called …MADSEN. The band recruited bassist Niko Maurer and keyboardist Folkert Jahnke to complete the roster. A few months later the quintet signed to Universal Music, issuing its debut album “Madsen” in 2005. It entered the German Top 20 on the strength of numerous regional shows and some well-received performances at high-profile festivals.

Their 2006 follow-up, “Goodbye Logik”, fared even better, reaching #8 on the German charts. Apart from winning several prestigious awards, 2008 saw the release of MADSEN’s third album “Frieden im Krieg“ (“Peace in War”) which peaked at #6 in the German charts and got nominated for the ‘German Grammy’, the Echo Award.

In 2009, Folkert Jahnke left the band and MADSEN carried on as a four-piece. On stage they are now joined by Lisa Who on keys and backing vocals. “Mein Herz bleibt hier” (My Heart Stays Here) is featured on the band’s most recent album “Labyrinth” which was released in 2010 and reached the Top Ten again (peak: #7).

The band were nominated for Germany’s biggest radio award “Eins Live Krone” as Best Live Act 2010 but also had to make it through some rough times: Plans to tour the album had to be postponed after singer Sebastian was seriously injured during the first video shoot.
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