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Madsen - Nachtbaden

This German punk-pop outfit was named for the three Madsen brothers who make up the band’s core: singer/guitarist Sebastian, lead guitarist Johannes, and drummer Sascha, all products of the Lüchow-Dannenberg area – a part of northeast Germany hardly anybody can find on a map. The siblings began collaborating as teens and by the end of the '90s had already been in two bands, playing punk rock with English lyrics.

In 2004 they formed "Madsen" and started playing guitar rock and singing in German. They recruited bassist Niko Maurer and keyboardist Folkert Jahnke to complete the roster. A few months later the quintet signed to Universal Music, issuing its debut album “Madsen” in the spring of 2005. It entered the German Top 20 on the strength of numerous regional shows and some well-received performances at high-profile festivals.

Their 2006 follow-up, Goodbye Logik, fared even better, reaching #8 on the German charts. “Nachtbaden” is the first single of their third album “Frieden im Krieg” (Peace at war) released in 2008. The song represented the state of Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) in Germany’s “Bundesvision Song Contest” and came in a surprising fourth, an enormous success for a band from Germany’s boonies!
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