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Marteria - Sekundenschlaf

Photo: Paul Ripke

27-year-old Marten Laciny, alias Marteria, has done it all!

Growing up in Rostock in the north-eastern state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Marten spent most of his adolescent life on the soccer field, making it as far as the German youth national team. At 18 he was discovered by a model scout in New York and embarked upon a career in fashion. After working for one year in Paris and Milan for designers such as Boss and Valentino, he grew tired of the superficiality of the industry and began attending drama school in Berlin.

Although he has many talents, Marten’s true passion has always been music. Under the name Marsimoto, his comic alter ego with a high-pitched computer voice, he has released two records, Halloziehnation (2006) and Zu zweit allein (2008). In 2007 he published Base Ventura, his first album as Marteria, which is an alias he created by combining his first name and the Spanish word for substance.

Zum Glück in die Zukunft is his fourth record and, according to his friend and mentor, the hip hop and funk legend Jan Delay, the best German hip hop record in recent years. It was produced by The Krauts, one of Germany's most successful music producers, who had previously worked on Peter Fox’ hit record Stadtaffe and contains collaborations with many of Marteria’s friends in the German music scene such as Jan Delay and Miss Platnum.

The lyrics of his songs are very important to Marteria. He equates his album Zum Glück in die Zukunft to being an emotional striptease — containing themes he has been dealing with throughout his adult life. One of these personal testimonials is his latest single “Sekundenschlaf” (Microsleep) on which Peter Fox makes a rare guest appearance. It's a song about getting older, or in Marteria’s own words, “It’s all happening so fast and life is like a microsleep. That’s why we should all party and enjoy each other.” Listen to “Sekundenschlaf” with this in mind and remember to seize the day!
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