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Meni und Deve - Stuttgart Hymne

In their mid 20s and from Stuttgart, these two like to rap. Meni & Deve are optimistic about life. There is nothing dark and gloomy in their debut album “Was Größeres” (Something Bigger), which was released in 2009. One of the 21 tracks is their hometown hymn which has become an instant hit on the internet, with more than 100,000 video viewings on YouTube.

“Stuttgart Hymne” is about a city that is mostly known for German carmakers Mercedes Benz and Porsche. But Stuttgart has also a diverse and highly energetic music scene and is considered the “Mutterstadt” (birthplace) of German hip hop. Up until 2008 Europe’s biggest hip hop event, the Hip Hop Open, took place in Stuttgart.

Meni & Deve are following in the footsteps of “Die Fantastischen Vier”, Stuttgart’s most famous hip-hoppers. The two are increasingly being invited to perform on TV-shows and in live concerts because it’s impossible to resist the positive energy of their sweeping and enthusiastic rap.
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