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Paul van Dyk & Peter Heppner - Wir sind wir

Paul van Dyk is Germany’s superstar DJ, remixer and producer. After growing up in communist East Berlin PvD, as he is also referred to, made his first original tracks after the wall came down in 1989. Soon after he started tearing up the dance floors of Berlin spinning in clubs all over town.

Twenty years later Paul van Dyk is still one of the hardest working artists in electronic music. He continues to dominate the charts and is constantly ranked one of the world’s top DJs. His touring schedule remains hectic with regular globetrotting stops at major venues in New York, London, Rio de Janeiro and Singapore. In the little time remaining between all the travel, PvD resides in Berlin where he has his own radio show. He dedicates a significant part of his life to politics and social justice: from his children’s charity in India’s Mumbai to working with the German Red Cross to help poor children in Berlin.

In 2004 Paul van Dyk embarked on an ambitious project alongside Peter Heppner, lead singer of the German electronica/synth pop band Wolfsheim. On the single “Wir sind wir” these two artists tried to capture Germany’s mood after the country was divided into West and East. The song reached the German Top 10 and the video with its powerful images of German post-war history was voted best music video of the year by Germany’s Art Directors Club.
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