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Peter Heppner - Meine Welt

Photo: Mathias Bothor

“Und träumen darf ich ja wohl noch.” This line from Peter Heppner’s song “Meine Welt” (“My World”) is a slightly defiant way of saying “You can’t stop me from dreaming!” This statement perfectly applies to Peter Heppner’s career that has had many ups and downs over the years but is nevertheless a success story – certainly also because this singer has never stopped dreaming.

Peter Heppner was born in Hamburg in 1967 and started out as a composer, songwriter and singer in the duo “Wolfsheim” in the late 1980s. The electro-pop and dark-wave band landed its first hit in 1991 with the English-language single “The Sparrows and the Nightingales.” Many more records and sold out tours in Europe and the United States were to follow.

Besides this project, Peter Heppner has collaborated with a wide variety of artists. Whether it’s on the song “Wir sind wir” (“We are who we are”) that he cut with star DJ Paul Van Dyk, “Glasgarten” (“Glas garden”) with the Dark-Wave band Goethes Erben (“Goethe’s Heirs”) or the duet “Haus der drei Sonnen” (“House of the Three Suns”) with the 80’s icon Nena – Peter Heppner worked with many stars before launching his solo career in 2008.

His debut with the appropriate title “Solo” entered the German charts’ top ten and was followed by “My Heart of Stone” in 2012. Besides being heavily influenced by electro-pop this record boasts a wide stylistic and emotional variety including rock, new wave, dance floor as well as ambient sounds. “I wanted to present songs that open doors”, says Peter Heppner when talking about the album. The catchy “Meine Welt” has certainly opened an exciting and new chapter of his career.
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