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Philipp Poisel - Wo fängt Dein Himmel an?

Philipp Poisel (pronounced the French way) was born in 1983 in Baden-Württemberg, not far from the state’s capital city of Stuttgart. After he finished high school Philipp spent months on end traveling through Europe with his acoustic guitar by his side living the life of a modern troubadour – a period which turned out to be the best training ground for this aspiring singer-songwriter. Philipp played on the streets and sang for up to seven hours every day to earn enough money so he wouldn’t go hungry. Often he didn’t know where to spend the night. This life on the road, his experiences and impressions, are the basis for Philipp’s texts. He sings about homesickness, adventures, loneliness and the need for human connection.

Philipp’s dream of a career as a musician came true when Herbert Grönemeyer, Germany’s pop icon, heard a demo tape and fell in love with Philipp’s voice and emotional outlook on life. Philipp got signed to Grönemeyer’s Grönland label and started proving his mettle immediately.

In 2008 he toured with Suzanne Vega and performed as Grönemeyer’s opening act in front of 40,000 people. The same year Philipp’s first album “Wo fängt dein Himmel an?” (“Where does your sky start?”), which includes the track “Ich und Du”, was released and made it onto the German charts. His second album “Bis nach Toulouse” which came out in 2010 confirmed: Philipp Poisel is one of Germany’s great musical talents.
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