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Wir sind Helden - Nur ein Wort

Judith Holofernes, the frontwoman of “Wir sind Helden” (We Are Heroes), started out as a folk-rock singer in Berlin’s club scene. But having grown up listening to the Sex Pistols she soon realized this was not her cup of tea: "I always wanted a band. I wanted to play big, loud music." Her dream came true, to an extent. Wir sind Helden was formed in 2001 when Judith met her fellow band members during a pop music study program. But the music she now plays is anything but big and loud. It is catchy and upbeat with an edge. The lyrics are poetic and witty and you miss quite a bit of the cleverness if you don't understand German.

In 2002 Wir sind Helden broke onto the German music scene with their song "Guten Tag" (Good Day!). The song got significant air play even though the band did not have a record deal at the time. Wir sind Helden marketed themselves the old-fashioned way selling T-shirts and stickers at their concerts. In 2004 the band won Germany’s prestigious Echo award for “Best National Newcomer” and in 2005 it was awarded the “European Border Breakers Award”, an award granted for a European debut album with the highest sales in other countries of the European Union.

Wir sind Helden have played sold out concerts in London and made it onto the iTunes charts in the United States, a remarkable feat for a band singing in German. And even though Judith has two kids now (the dad is band member Pola Roy - the bearded guy in the video) and took a time out from touring and recording the 2010 album “Bring mich nach Hause” (Take Me Home) shows that the band has lost nothing of their creative drive.
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