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Revolverheld - Ich lass‘ für Dich das Licht an

Photo: Sony Music

A marriage proposal in a music video? At first thought that doesn’t sound very original. There are lots of clips in which romantic stories are told like in a screenplay. But it looks a bit different in the video „I’ll leave the light on for you“ by Revolverheld: it shows a real proposal with real feelings and the live performance of a song in which you believe every sentence the band’s frontman Johannes Strate sings.

Revolverheld, that’s Johannes Strate, Kristoffer Hünecke, Niels Grötsch and Jakob Sinn. They were founded in Hamburg in 2002 under the name „Manga“ and started their career as an opening act for German bands like Silbermond. In 2004 Revolverheld were admitted to the „Popakademie Baden-Württemberg,“ where they ran through an 18-month coaching session. In early 2005 they signed their first record deal with Sony BMG.

Since then the Hamburgers have released four studio albums, all of which landed in the German Top Ten album charts. As confessed soccer fans, they not only take part in charity soccer matches, but also wrote Helden, the official German national team’s fan song for the 2008 European Football Championship.

With their video to „I’ll leave the light on for you,“ Revolverheld have put the marriage proposal of Johannes Strate’s best friend to his girlfriend down in the public record. The combination of an emotional love song and an authentic music clip has led to an overwhelming response on the part of the Revolverheld fans: „We have never had as many reactions to any video as we’ve had for this one,“ says Strate. „I have the feeling that girls are sending the video to their boyfriends and saying „Why haven’t you done something so sweet like this for me?“ That certainly would be romantic.
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