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Prinz Pi - Drei Kreuze für Deutschland

Photo: Paul Ripke

“Prinz Pi makes music against a lot of things but he also wants to make music for something - music for those who, like himself, cannot find the right place anywhere. For people who don’t fit into this society of stereotyped thinking” - this statement on his official website describes exactly what Prinz Pi stands for. He is the opposite of the typical cliché rapper from Berlin: Prinz Pi lacks gangster demeanor, does not come from a marginalized neighborhood and his lyrics are neither sexist, nor glorifying violence. He is, as the title of his latest album suggests, “Rebell ohne Grund”: a Rebel without a Reason.

Prinz Pi whose real name is Friedrich Kautz was born in 1979. He grew up in a typical middle-class family in Berlin. As a teenager, he studied ancient Greek in high school and discovered his passion for graffiti. His classical education was Friedrich’s inspiration for his sprayer alias “Porno”. This word is not only the German for “porn” but also Greek for “dirty” – and because “smearing up walls has something dirty and forbidden”, Friedrich thought this name was perfect for him. Graffiti was “Porno’s” introduction to the hip hop scene and soon he started to rap. Because he always thought that princes were a lot cooler than kings, he added the German word “Prinz” to his sprayer pseudonym.

However, the more successful Friedrich became, the more his name got to be a problem. Editors who did not understand the meaning of his Greek alias, sent unopened promo material back to his label because they were offended by Prinz Porno’s supposedly obscene name. Since “Pi” is not only Greek but, as the rapper says, also “the link to his classical education and a cool mystical number”, he changed his name to Prinz Pi – and suddenly received the attention of a growing number of journalists and magazine editors.

Since the release of his first album in 1998, the rapper has published fourteen records and collaborated with many stars of the German hip hop scene. Prinz Pi is known for his socially conscious and critical lyrics and does not back off from controversial subjects. His song “Drei Kreuze für Deutschland” (Three Crosses for Germany) about German soldiers dying during the military intervention in Afghanistan or because of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after their return to a “normal” life, is a great example. Prinz Pi is against every war and Germany’s involvement in military actions. With this song he does not want to discredit what the soldiers are fighting for in Afghanistan but rather wants to show his sympathy for them. And this song should strike a chord for a German as well as an American audience.
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