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Samy Deluxe - Poesiealbum

Photo: David Königsmann, EMI Music

Let’s be honest: people who openly call themselves brilliant and claim that no one else is fit to hold a candle to them, are not very likeable. Even worse, most of them are showoffs, unable to live up to their self-created image. With Samy Deluxe, it’s different. Calling himself the greatest rapper in Germany, Samy is anything but modest. However you cannot but admire his big words and blunt self-praise. Why? Because the past fifteen years of his career have proved him right.

Samy Sorge was born in Hamburg in 1977 to a German mother and a Sudanese father who left Germany when Samy was only two years old. While he started out listening to pop music by Michael Jackson, Madonna and George Michael, Samy soon became passionate for a different genre that he has stuck to ever since: hip hop.

After dropping out of school and community service, Samy dedicated all his time and energy to music and his first raps soon became expressive performances, great freestyles and intimidating rap-battles. In the mid-nineties, he founded Dynamite Deluxe with his friends DJ Dynamite and Tropf and their debut record hit the German charts at #6. Dynamite Deluxe was followed by three Samy Deluxe-solo records and several successful collaborations with, e.g. Absolute Beginner and ASD which all made it to the German top ten. Moreover, with his alter ego “Samsemilia, der Wickeda MC”, Samy Deluxe has built up a reputation as a freestyle-genius.

Besides his impressive career as a musician, he wrote a book, designed caps for “New Era” and sneakers for “Reebok”, founded his label “Deluxe Records” and has been doing a lot of social work: among other things, Samy Deluxe is ambassador of the World AIDS Day and co-founder of Crossover e.V., an association that initiates and supports the integration of and communication between teenagers of different social and cultural backgrounds.

With “SchwarzWeiß” (BlackWhite), Samy Deluxe has proved again that even ten years after the release of his first record, one cannot imagine the German hip hop scene without him. Entering the charts at #1 in summer 2011, Samy Deluxe’s fourth record is filled with bold beats and relentless but congenial lyrics that go beyond drug use, verbal assaults and pure self-aggrandizement.

For Samy Deluxe, hip hop is true art and he wants to present a more grown-up form of rap with class. In doing so, he’s still not one to keep his opinions to himself and admits freely, most notably in his song “Poesiealbum” that he is “noch immer der größte Poet, der hier lebt” – still the best poet living in Germany, someone who bears comparison with the great thinkers of the country such as Goethe, Schiller, Brecht and Heine. Bold words but how can you blame a verbal acrobat like Samy Deluxe who is passionate about and successful in everything he does for being confident?
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