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Silbermond - Himmel auf

Photo: Daniel Lwowski

Silbermond – “HIMMEL AUF” Once upon a time, there were four high school students from the small city of Bautzen in East Germany who decided to make music together. And lo and behold, they became one of Germany’s most famous and successful music acts, selling more than 3.5 million records. What sounds like a modern fairy tale is the true story of the band Silbermond whose latest album “Himmel auf” entered the German charts at #2 – even ahead of the Queen of Pop, Madonna.

Stefanie (vocals), Andreas (drums) and the brothers Johannes (bass) and Thomas (guitar and piano) met at a church music project in 1998. Along with two other musicians, they founded the cover band Exakt before the four of them became JAST, a very popular student band in the East German state of Saxony.

In 2001, JAST stopped writing and singing songs in their high school-level English and switched to German. To the four musicians it felt so much more natural to express themselves in their mother tongue. Along with the new language, there was a new name: JAST became Silbermond. The band moved from the 41,000 person city of Bautzen to the German capital Berlin, signed their first record deal, and in 2004 they released their debut album “Verschwende deine Zeit” which earned two platinum awards.

Two records (Laut Gedacht, Nichts passiert), two number one hits (Das Beste, Irgendwas bleibt) and several tours followed. Silbermond have been overwhelmed with awards, among others the MTV European Music Award as “Best German Act” in 2009, and collaborated with famous German musicians like Xavier Naidoo and Jan Delay. Nevertheless, Silbermond have never forgotten about their fans and people in need: the band is known for having a great relationship with their fans and gives young musicians the opportunity to support them on tour. Also, Silbermond plays several charity concerts each year to help aid projects for children and teenagers in Guatemala, Kenya and the Ukraine.

Their fourth record, “Himmel auf”, was released in March 2012, three years after their previous album, and the motto for this LP was: adventure instead of routine! The band did not want to sit on their heels but rather develop their sound: “It was hard to delete everything and start from scratch”, said guitarist and songwriter Thomas about the weeks and months the band spent in their studio in Berlin. “With this record, we experienced our most frustrating moments but also our very best.”

The video accompanying the album’s first single is quite innovative: within a period of six days, a camera team traveled more than 1,500 miles in Germany and asked about 150 people in ten cities how they defined happiness. The result is, according to Stefanie, “more than a normal music video.” Watch the clip and find out how eclectic the pursuit of happiness can really be.
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