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Söhne Mannheims - Für Dich

Photo: Thommy Mardo

In 1995, a bunch of young musicians and idealists formed a band in their hometown Mannheim in the state of Baden-Württemberg. The 17 guys making up the band started out playing concerts in their parents’ garages and were lucky to draw an audience that was larger than the people on stage. 17 years and 3 million record sales later, Söhne Mannheims (German for “Sons of Mannheim”) have risen to the top, filling some of Germany’s biggest concert halls.

Söhne Mannheims released their first studio album “ZION” in 2000. At home in a variety of genres which range from soul to pop, and gospel to reggae, with complex lyrics about their unshakable faith, injustice and friendship as well as a total commitment to their hometown Mannheim, the band is unconventional and serious, dedicated and engaging. Söhne Mannheims polarized the music business with their debut album and have continued to do so ever since.

Their second record “NOIZ” entered the charts at number one in 2004 and Söhne Mannheim’s single “Vielleicht” (“Maybe”) has become one of the most-played songs on German radio ever. This success was followed by number one singles, studio albums and live CDs, several awards, sold-out concerts and tours throughout Germany and Europe, as well as an MTV Unplugged concert in the rococo theater of a castle in southern Germany.

In 2011, Söhne Mannheims, by this time comprising 14 “sons”, released their fourth studio album “Barrikaden von Eden” (“Barricades of Eden”), a musical demonstration and creative call for protest, displaying courage and hope at the same time. This record shows that Söhne Mannheim have stayed off the beaten path of commerce in pop business for more than a decade now.

This year, Söhne Mannheims have opened a new chapter in their musical career. In fall 2012, they will start touring Germany, Austria and Switzerland in a new live formation – for the first time without Xavier Naidoo who has become a star in his own right and wants to take time out to concentrate on his solo career. The remaining Söhne Mannheims will try to keep true to their motto “Ganz nah dran” (Up Close) and delight their audience with powerful performances.
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