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Stigma - Katharsis

Stigma was founded in 1997 and has played many live concerts alongside some of the top names in the industry. The lyrics of their debut album were still half English and half German and it was not until the release of their second album “Ewig im Moment” (Forever in the Moment) in 2004 that the band made the switch to German texts. The songs on this album range from pop-rock hymns to beautifully arranged hard rock with “Katharsis” being the most aggressive track Their intelligent texts deal with stories from everyday life and come across as genuine and authentic.

Stigma’s powerful singer Marcus Modwozinski is joined by Srdjan Mrdjanov (guitar) Tim Schulte (bass) and Sven Hansen (drums) and they all share one credo: “We want to create something, in both the lyrics and the music, that is not a fad.”

They’ve found a perfect home at the Goldene Zeiten label where the mastermind is Wolfgang Rohde, former drummer of Germany’s legendary punk band “Die Toten Hosen”, who also hail from Düsseldorf. If “Ewig im Moment” is any indication, Stigma is well on their way to becoming another Düsseldorf rock institution.
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