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Unheilig - Unter Deiner Flagge

Photo: Eric Weiss

„Sag, bist du stolz auf das, was ist und die vergangenen Jahre?“ – “Tell me, are you proud of what there is and the years that have gone by?“ If the band Unheilig was to answer their own question asked in their hit single “Unter deiner Flagge” (‘Under your flag’), they undeniably would have to say yes. Why? Unheilig is a band whose latest album “Große Freiheit” (‘Great Freedom’) has made music history: it has not only been sold more than 1.7 million times but is with 23 non-consecutive weeks also the longest staying number one album on the German Media Control Charts ever.

However, it was a long way for Unheilig (‘unholy’) from their beginnings in the German gothic music scene to the mainstream. The band consisting of frontman Der Graf (The Count) and the live musicians Licky, Potti and Henning Verlage was founded in 1999 and released their first album “Phosphor” one year later.

At the beginning, they wrote their lyrics in English and German but soon decided to concentrate on their mother tongue because, as Der Graf says: “I can write the best in the language I dream and that is German”. Unheilig’s lyrics are profound and honest and for Der Graf “translations into English can never entirely explain those feelings”.

Musically inspired by Rammstein, Unheilig’s repertory ranges from dark bass and guitar sounds to breathtaking emotional ballads and songs which can be played on the radio and even in clubs. With all musical and lyrical differences, the dark voice of Der Graf characterizes each song and gives them their typical “unheilig” sound.

With their chart breaking songs, their Bambi for Pop National, their “Goldene Kamera” (Golden Camera Award) and several ECHO and COMET-Award nominations, they were not only one of the most popular German acts but continued to be on the rise. In March 2012, they released their studio album “Lichter der Stadt” (‘City Lights’) which became another number one album. Then, in October 2014 Der Graf announced unexpectedly the end of the band after the launch of their next album “Gipfelstürmer” (“Summiteer”) and the following tour in the beginning of 2015.
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