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Wise Guys - Köln ist einfach korrekt

A-Cappella? What a bore! Not at all. The “Wise Guys” present a varied mixture of pop, techno, hits and classics, which are all successes in their own right and not those ‘catchy tunes’ that get on your nerves. They have mastered every instrument, without even touching them. By just using their five voices, the guys from Cologne conjure up on the stage drums, electric guitars, trombones and even the bagpipes. And their talent for slipping in witty, cryptic asides always guarantees roars of laughter between the songs. It is A-cappella music at its best and most amusing.

The “Wise Guys”are Edzard Hüneke (Eddi), Daniel Dickopf (Dän), Marc Sahr (Sari) and Clemens Tewinkel, who can switch from baritone to tenor as needed and Ferenc Husta who looks after the bassline. They describe their music as “melodic pop in the widest sense of the word”, because they don’t shy away from reggae, rap, jazz, hiphop and even techno. The German texts are central to the “Wise Guys” songs which are no longer just funny, but more often melancholic and serious. But even so, the rib muscles don’t get much chance of a rest. Their favorite target for gentle ridicule is quite definitely – themselves.

The quintet started out in 1995 with acclaim growing steadily ever since. In 2005 more than 150,000 fans attended a “Wise Guys” concert. Two of their latest CDs were huge hits: “Radio” was ranked number 3 in the German album charts in 2006; “Frei” made it to number two in 2008, thus becoming the best-selling German A-Cappella CD of all times.
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