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Sarah Connor – Bedingungslos

Sarah Connor has been a household name in Germany for the past 15 years. In 2001 the then-21 year old singer made her breakthrough with her first single „Let’s Get Back to Bed –Boy!“. Her debut album “Green Eyed Soul” reached gold three times that year. What follows is a phenomenal rise in the world of pop music. By now Sarah Connor has sold over seven million records and is one of the most successful German singers of the 21st century.

Her success didn’t come out of nowhere. Sarah Marianne Corina started singing in her hometown of Hamburg at the age of six in a gospel choir and took street dance, hip hop and dance classes. After her family moved to Delmenhorst in Lower Saxony she began classical training at her local music school in dance, theater and piano. The oldest of seven siblings, she has Irish-American ancestors and has her New Orleans-born father to thank for raising her on Soul music.

Between 2001 and 2010, Sarah Connor released seven albums. In the following years it was musically quiet for the singer - until the day in 2014 when, on a popular TV show, the soul singer interpreted a song for the first time in German. She was blown away by the effect: “The song opened the door for me to the German singing language. I realized: It can actually move me to sing in German, when I tell my own stories. That was new for me, I was raised solely on English-language music.”

So impressed by this dramatic experience, Sarah began work on her new record. For the first time she wrote all the songs herself and intended the album to only have lyrics in German. “I wanted the real and genuinely honest emotion of my voice to be captured, that my voice finally would come into its own in German.” And with success: the soul singer’s eighth album, that was fittingly titled “Native Language,” rose in 2015 to be the #1 most bought music album, and her tour of the same name was sold out.

One of the emotional climaxes of the album is the track “Unconditionally,” that Sarah Connor wrote for her daughter Summer, the second oldest of her three kids. Summer was born with a heart deficiency and it is with the song “Unconditionally” that Sarah worked through this tough time: “Her birth was a turning point for me [...] These months of fear really changed and humbled me. My daughter was healthy, and that really gave me a look into what really matters. In the song there is the core message: It doesn’t matter where you journey takes you, get out, discover the world, I will always be with you.” Within the past few years Sarah Connor discovered her native language and that ended up being a gift for many other people too.


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