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Treptow – Licht der Stadt

Unless you live in Berlin, the name “Treptow-Köpenick” may not ring a bell. Tourists heading to Germany’s capital are more likely to visit areas like Mitte, where you can find the TV Tower and the Brandenburg Gate, or to Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf for the Ku’Damm (shopping street) and the KaDeWe (popular department store). Even for many Berliners, Treptow, in the southeastern part of the city, is an unknown quantity. It is mostly known for its large park with its many garden plots or its imposing Soviet War Memorial.

Why, then, did Philipp, Schuwe and Lukas choose this Berlin district as the name of their band? The answer is really simple: these three found their musical home here. They found it directly on the Spree River, in a passenger ship that was built in Imperial Germany, sunk during World War II and then salvaged and converted into a recording studio. This is a historically laden and fascinating place - and the birthplace of the trio’s debut album.

The three band members from Treptow were friends for ages before they became a band. Philipp (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Schuwe (bass) and Lukas (drums) became the supporting band for the rock group Haudegen more or less on the spur of the moment. That led to support shows for Nena and Silly - and the three realized they would love to put their songs on a record.

The outcome is “Better than nothing”, released in 2017. The name of the album has a story, too: the title is the band’s motto. Philip, Schuwe and Lukas demonstrated their very practical talents and mentality during the recording of their album, as they produced their debut themselves. “City Light” is the second single from the album and, through lyrics and video, the band shows one thing: their great love for Berlin - even beyond the borders of the district of Treptow.


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