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Von wegen Lisbeth – Sushi

“Unwieldy is beautiful” - that’s the answer Matze, the singer of the Berlin band “Von wegen Lisbeth”, gave when asked why he and his four bandmates decided on such an unusual band name. If you’re hoping for a failed love story with a girl named Lisbeth or some sort of deep meaning behind the name, you’ll be disappointed. There’s also not a real “Lina” from their “Sushi” song. Nevertheless, the band stands for authentic pop music. Why?

One reason is that the guys have known each other for years and are really good friends. Matze (vocals and guitar), Doz (guitar), Julian (bass), Robert (synthesizer) and Julian (drums) weren’t recruited into a band nor did they get to know each other during band camps. They went to school together. This is how Matze describes how they got started: “In 7th grade, back-to-back gym periods with Mr. Marquardt were cancelled. We went home and played around with electric guitars and a rhythm machine. Naturally we couldn’t do anything. So for Christmas we asked for a starter kit.”

In those days, in a basement in Berlin in the middle of the first decade of this century, the band, which at that time was called “Fluchtweg” and later “Harry Hurtig”, was playing hardcore punk. With time their music became more and more poplike - and more and more popular. And so it happened that the five guys, who all went to university after graduation, at some point put their college career on pause in order to concentrate 100% on their music. In 2014 “Von wegen Lisbeth” toured with AnnenMayKantereit as their opening act. In November of that year they released their first EP “Und plötzlich der Lachs.” More concerts with Element of Crime and AnnenMayKantereit, solo tours, countless festivals all followed, and in summer 2016 their debut album “Grand” came out.

What makes up the band’s sound? Not least, the use of crazy instruments - from a Gameboy to triangles, from steel drums to xylophones. “Some of the stuff one wouldn’t even normally call an instrument,” says Matze. “But it is this type of sound that is interesting to us. Oftentimes an instrument or a sound comes first, and then comes the song.”

But back to the topic of authenticity and to “Von wegen Lisbeth‘s” hit “Sushi”. The song stands for exactly one thing: authenticity beyond likes and shares on Instagram and Facebook. “We don’t want to demonize social media, I mean we use Facebook ourselves,” says Matze. “But people should be aware of what they’re doing with it. If you look at all the posts you think everyone has a super amazing life. Then it’s easy to feel jealous. It’s easier to collect compliments on the internet than in real life. On the street you rarely hear ‘My, do you have nice red shoes on.’ Maybe we should just say that more often.”


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