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Wincent Weiss – Hier mit dir

Well that’s quite a feat! His debut album “Anything Against the Silence” had just gone platinum after selling 200,000 copies and he already was well into his second album “Somehow different.”

Almost in a sprint, Wincent Weiss has arrived at the top of the winner’s podium: from a teenager dreaming in his little town, Eutin, in the state of Schleswig-Holstein, all the way to the live concerts with a band in front of tens of thousands of people. And, from taking part in a recent episode of the hit TV show “Sing my song” through to accolades like the MTV Music Award.

But what makes him really feel acknowledged is the love of his fans. “Never in my life have I so intensely felt, had the experience that anywhere where I open myself up, where I am myself, where I’m not pretending to be something else….anywhere where I give love, this love returns to me a thousand fold. That was and is a really incredible and beautiful experience” – This was also the case during his 2018 North American tour of Mexican, Canadian and American PASCH-high schools with the Goethe Institut, in schools where students used the texts of his songs as part of their German classes. And he also felt this as an ambassador for the German NGO “Kindernothilfe” (Helping children in need), where he helped on some of their projects. Last year Peru was one on of the places he helped out. Wincent Weiss is on the move.

For him it isn’t just this “high achiever” feeling, these feelings of luck and of gratitude, that made their way into this second “Somehow different”-feel of the second album. But also a feeling of reflection, doubt and, most of all, of longing.

Wincent Weiss is honest, and his new songs are honest. They talk of relationships and even beyond that, what comes with relationships: dreams, wishes, love, loss and loneliness.

And so it goes, alongside the joyful moments there are also empty spaces. The empty spaces in life seem to proliferate with the changes of the past years. The spotlight that shines on success also brings with it shadows. And especially for someone like Wincent Weiss, for whom relationships are really important. Always on the go. A life in a tour bus, in hotels, without a real place to call home. After the adrenaline and euphoria of the stage, it’s loneliness that climbs into bed with you. The missing and longing come. So, in “Here with You” he is longing for his home, his old friends, who all mean more to him than anything else.

And so he’s thought more than once about throwing it all away and saying goodbye to his career.

“For me, the price that I pay for all this is sometimes too high. One relationship broke into pieces, my family that I barely get to see. Relationships that were important to me that I barely have time to cultivate. Sometimes one just has to ask, if it is all worth it,” is how Wincent Weiss sums it up.

Luckily for us, he hasn’t done that yet.


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