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Berge – Mein Lied

Maybe Berge [Mountains] doesn’t have the final answer to every question, but they’re trying. Building momentum. Setting an example.

Berge is a singer-songwriter duo from Berlin, made up of Marianne Neumann & Rocco Horn. They have been writing songs together for 16 years, and with Berge, brought together their shared view of the world together in one band. Their songs touch on what makes a difference in the world, what destroys it, and which values and truths must most urgently be preserved.

Berge’s music as well as their lyrics exhibit a positive attitude towards life, which cannot be appreciated enough in our current times.

Berge values people even more, people who take a stand against something and take action. As they were producing their music video for their single “My Song” off their current Album “For Love”, Berge looked on YouTube to discover people who are making a difference and who working towards a more humane and sustainable world. And did they discover a lot! Within a short time they heard from a multitude of people and organizations who are now introduced in the music video. Berge is about more than just introducing the people, Berge wants more. With the hashtag #daskannstduauch they call on people to do the same and make their world a tiny little bit better.

Berge hopes that they don’t just reach people, but also change them, with their belief that people are positive at their core. With their music they want to help their listeners find this positive core again. The same way they found it. “Through yoga!” Rocco laughs and continues “yoga helps us to regularly come back to ourselves and our inner core.”

With “My Song”, Berge has affected the core of many people. After its release, the song reached over a half of million people within just a few days and all but reached the status of anthem over night.


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