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Annett Louisan – Drück die 1

Annett Louisan was born in the former East Germany. Some people claim her birth year was 1979, others say it was 1977, and Annett won’t confirm either date because she refuses to talk about her age. Her real name was Annett Päge, which she changed to Annett Louisan. She was brought up by her mom and has met her dad only once.

After the fall of the wall, Annett moved to Hamburg. She was interested in music and art and decided to go to art school. She financed her education with part time work as a back-up singer for various studio recordings. Through her studio work, she came in contact with diverse musical genres and learned to play the guitar.

A demo that she put together with the help of some musician friends gained the attention of Sony's 105 Music label, and became her first album Bohème (2004). This album went straight into the Top 10 of the German LP charts with the single "Das Spiel" reaching # 5. In 2005 Annett took home the prestigious Echo award for best German female artist.

Annett’s musical style is a blend of pop and chanson with a tinge of jazz. Just under 5 feet tall and with a look of childlike innocence, the young star radiates guilelessness in her sweet, melodic voice but shocks and surprises with her saucy lyrics. No wonder she has been compared to Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich.
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