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Andreas Bourani – Alles nur in meinem Kopf

"Ich kann in drei Sekunden die Welt erobern" – “I can conquer the world in three seconds.“ That’s the first line of Andreas Bourani’s debut single “Alles nur in meinem Kopf” (Only in my Head). To be honest, it took the 27-year-old a bit longer than just a few seconds to make a name for himself but this year was a major breakthrough: Andreas Bourani is hailed as the new hope among German singer-songwriters and the most promising newcomer in 2011.

Andreas Bourani’s life has always been about music. As a child, he fell in love with the piano and organized concerts for his friends in his parents’ attic. Later, he sang operas such as “Tosca” and “The Magic Flute” in the theater of his Bavarian hometown Augsburg. But Andreas did neither see his future in classical music, nor in studying, so at 17, he quit school and joined a rock band.

Inspired by the music of Chris Martin, Bono, Jeff Buckley and his German idols Herbert Grönemeyer, Udo Lindenberg and Nena, he moved to Berlin, wrote song after song and even recorded an album – which was never released. Andreas had been working with the wrong people and says today: “What I’ve been doing for the past ten years? Nothing but failing!”

However, Andreas Bourani who has German-Egyptian roots, never gave up hope. In 2011, his hard work has finally started to pay off when he signed a major deal with Universal and worked on his debut album with the producers of such successful German acts as Ich + Ich, Cassandra Steen and Udo Lindenberg. Staub & Fantasie (Dust and Imagination) was released in May 2011 and includes 13 songs about solidarity, inner peace, the superficiality of urban life and, of course, love.

Andreas Bourani’s first single “Alles nur in meinem Kopf” hit the German charts at #16 and is a great example of what he believes in: imagination and the power of thoughts. The artist is fascinated by dreams and believes that you can make your dreams come true as long as you believe in yourself. His life and career certainly prove him right!
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