Time to question

An international media campaign


Climate change, the future of the planet, of society and the peaceful co-existence of peoples – these are all big questions. The European television channel ARTE is launching an international media campaign together with partners from all over the world; because It's Time the really big questions were addressed.

Young people all over the world are in uproar. They made us aware of climate change and are now becoming increasingly vocal in their demand for answers to the future of the planet, of society and the peaceful co-existence of peoples.

They know that unless we heed the science and the alarm bells that are already ringing, we’re heading for disaster. They no longer believe in the social and economic model they grew up with and are calling for a radical overhaul.

They are demanding that they themselves and their worries be taken seriously.
They want a say and with it the chance to shape their own future.
It’s Time we listened to them.

Are you interested in environmental and climate issues? Do you want to help shape 21st-century society, to uphold democracy and to promote the sustainable use of resources and peaceful co-existence of peoples?

Do you want to join with other people and become part of a global debate on the web that will also make waves in the media and in society generally?

Then join in now and fill in the questionnaire at time-to-question.com/en

Alongside your debate, It’s Time will culminate in a series of programmes on the aforementioned themes. These will be made specially for the campaign and broadcast on the European Culture Channel ARTE and on the Japanese channel NHK-World in November 2020. All these programmes are being made by young European authors and directors aged 35 or under.

Join in – because It's Time to Question.