How to include topics such as gender equality and identity politics in foreign language curricula? Educators of foreign languages often struggle to find age-appropriate instruction materials through which to teach gender diversity, despite it being such an intensively debated topic in the public discourse.
The classroom-material on the topic “Identity and Diversity” targets German learners in the second year of learning German as a foreign language (starting from a high A1-level).

QP, a multimedia booklet written from the perspective of a teenager, takes on the challenge of mediating queer topics on the basis of various interesting and important aspects.

qp Schüler*innen A1 A2

Worksheet (PDF, 6,241 KB)

qp Lehrer*innen
Handreichung für den Unterricht (PDF, 35,992 KB)

qp Evaluation
Diversität im DAF-Unterricht (PDF, 179 KB)