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Bernhard Ludewig
Bernhard Ludewig
At the Goethe-Institut Washington you will learn German with the help of qualified German instructors. In our courses you will see steady improvement in your language proficiency while increasing your communicative and intercultural competence.

Absolute beginners with no previous knowledge of German should register for Elementary German A1.1. Learners with previous knowledge of German should contact us to determine which level is appropriate: Mail Symbol

We offer nine-week standard courses as well as 3-week intensive courses (September 2015). Our standard and intensive courses which include 36 units of instruction cost $465 (Mo - Th) and $485 (Saturdays), special courses which include 27 units of instruction (Saturdays) cost $375.

Complete course descriptions/schedules for the upcoming spring session are posted to this web page until February, 6. All details are subject to change without notice.

Winter 201501/05 - 03/07/2015
Spring 2015
03/16 - 05/16/2015
Summer 2015
06/01 - 08/08/2015
September Intensive 2015
09/07 - 09/24/2015
Fall 2015
10/05 - 12/12/2015

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