Festival Guests

Sky Sitney, courtesy Sky Sitney

Sky Sitney, Moderator

at Me and Kaminski
on Thursday, November 3, 7 pm
at All of a Sudden
on Saturday, November 5, 6 pm

Sky Sitney is the co-director of the investigative film festival Double Exposure and Assistant Professor in the Film and Media Studies program at Georgetown University. She is the former Festival Director of AFI Docs (previously known as Silverdocs), and is recognized as one of the key contributors in helping it become one of the leading documentary festivals in the United States.More ...
Thomas Wendrich (c) courtesy Thomas Wendrich

Thomas Wendrich, Screenwriter

at Me and Kaminski
on Thursday, November 3, 7 pm

Thomas Wendrich studied acting at the HFF “Konrad Wolf” in Postdam Babelsberg and the Screenwriting Academy of the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin. He was a member of the Berliner Ensemble and now works as an independent actor, author and director. He received the German Screenplay Award for the screenplay Nimm Dir Dein Leben.More ...
Tamaki Tsukada (c) Embassy of Japan

Tamaki Tsukada, Speaker

at Fukushima, mon Amour
on Friday, November 4, 6:30 pm

Tamaki Tsukada has served as Minister for Communications and Cultural Affairs of the Japanese Embassy in the United States since February 2016, after one-and-a-half year stint as Head of Chancery (management & coordination). Prior to his assignment in Washington, he served in the Japanese Embassy in New Delhi as Minister for Economic Affairs (2011-2014). He Joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1987.More ...
Joe Bilancio (c) courtesy Joe Bilancio

Joe Bilancio, Speaker

at New Short Films from Germany, Austria and Switzerland
on Saturday, November 5, 2 pm

Joe Bilancio has been in the entertainment industry in some capacity for more than 30 years. Before taking on the responsibilities as the Director of Programming for DC Shorts, he spent 16 years in the same position at the Rehoboth Beach Independent Film Festival.More ...
Asli Ozge(c) Memento Films International

Asli Özge, Director

at All of a Sudden
on Saturday, November 5, 6 pm

Istanbul-born, Germany-based director Asli Özge (b. 1975) graduated from Marmara University Film & TV Academy. This is her first German-language feature film for the cinema. Her feature film debut, Men on the Bridge, won a number of international awards.More ...
(c) Emre Erkmen

Emre Erkmen, Cinematographer

at All of a Sudden
on Saturday, November 5, 6 pm

Emre Erkmen was born in Istanbul and graduated from the Deutsche Film und Fernsehakademie Berlin (dffb) Department of Cinematography. He was Director of Photography for award-winning films and video art works. He lives in Berlin and Istanbul.More ...
Mike Scheiwiller (c) courtesy Mike Scheiwiller

Mike Scheiwiller, Director, via Skype

at Wonderland
on Sunday, November 6, 4:45 pm

Mike Scheiwiller (b. 1978, Zurich) studied film science at the University of Zurich. He has worked as a journalist, picture editor and freelance writer.More ...
Adrian Loving (c) courtesy Adrian Loving

Adrian Loving, Speaker

at B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West Berlin 1979-1989
on Sunday, November 6, 7:30 pm

Adrian Loving is a visual artist and DJ. He currently teaches sculpture, painting, film & video at Georgetown Day School HS in Washington, DC. He has consulted art exhibitions and curated educational programming at various museums in the DC area. His current book project, Fade 2 Grey: Androgyny, Style and Art in 80s Pop Music, explores gender and androgyny in the work of music artists from the 1970s and 1980s.More ...